Train where the NFL MVP trains (and has since 4th grade)


APEC exists to educate and improve lives through human performance. We believe that everyone has an untapped level of greatness that we can bring to realization. We strive to create a habit of pursuing excellence with our athletes and adult fitness clients by preaching the mindset of - BE THE BEST. YOU.

MISSION: APEC is a worldwide leader in both athletic performance and fitness. We provide elite training services for all levels of athletic performance and separately offer the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, and well-rounded fitness program available.

PROMISE: At APEC we buy into scientific principles along with the most current and up to date research, not just hard work. We have field tested and proven results on every level of human performance and fitness alike for over 12,000 clients in our company history. We combine our experience and education with a network of the greatest minds in our profession to give you the best version of yourself.  We know that not everyone will be an elite athlete or super model so we focus on maximizing each individual and developing confidence with a work ethic that translates to all aspects of life.



APEC provides cutting edge training for All sports. All levels. All athletes. All year.

Our training will get you to the next level. Our results speak for themselves.

Discover for yourself why athletes of every age and level, from across the country, train at APEC.

Maximize training with our in-house recovery systems designed to rapidly return muscles to peak performance. Includes Cryotherapy & Normatec. Hours for Recovery Services are M-Th 7am-6:00pm F 7am-1pm     

Sat 8am-1pm unless scheduled with an athlete services rep.

The Bridge Program is a training system created to take a post-therapy patient from “released” to “return to play”.




SPHERICAL Adult Fitness

Spherical is our adult fitness training system. We utilize the best coaching, equipment, and technology to help you BE THE BEST. YOU. Free nutritional counseling and heart rate monitoring.




"Bobby is a true genius in his field. He could work for any number of pro teams but he chooses to be in East Texas."


- Philip Humber

21st Perfect Game

in MLB History

"For Pro Day and off season APEC has been great for me.

APEC has taken me to new levels." 


- Josh Aubrey

Tennessee Titans

"APEC is the best training I have had at any level. The unique approach has improved my arm strength and athleticism. 

Kye, Bobby are the best in the business period. "


- Graham Harrell

Former Superbowl Champion & Green Bay Packers QB

All American QB at Texas Tech

Heisman Finalist

Johnny Unitas Award


"APEC made it possible. Thank you for everything!


- Duke Riley

Atlanta Falcons LB

2017 Fastest NFL Combine LB


"This is my first year doing it, but I can definitely see (what everyone is talking about). I am definitely a better athlete since I've be begun coming here. It just gets you thinking a different way and different movements and gets you more in tune with your body."


- Brandon Belt

San Francisco Giants First Baseman/Giraffe


"I've gotten complimented on how I got a lot faster by past coaches and teammates so thank you to....the guys at APEC for that" 


- Hannah Allred

SMU Soccer Committ


"APEC is home! I have trained all across the country and APEC is top notch, plus you get the feel that you're part of the family! From a 7th grader who didn't even  really play football to now as an NFL QB, they have treated me the same and helped me and they continue to motivate me to reach my potential! 


- Patrick Mahomes II

Kansas City Chiefs QB

2017 10th Overall Pick

"In MLB we know about all the places to train for baseball and pitching. I mean it when I say that APEC is the Best place to train PERIOD." 


- Tyrell Jenkins

San Diego Padres Pitcher

1st Round Draft Pick

Braves Pitcher of the Year 2015


"There is nowhere else to train but APEC. If you're trying to get better, reach your goals, it doesn't matter what your situation is." 


- Kendall Hunter

San Francisco 49ers Division Champions,  NFC Champions


"You have one chance to build your empire and the choice entirely yours. I chose APEC not only for the outstanding facilities but because they offered results, love, & brotherhood that other programs lacked. If you decide that you too want to be more successful, stronger, and an all around better athlete make sure to choose APEC and give yourself the best possible chance with the best possible people.


-Dede Westbrook

Jacksonville Jaguars

Biletnikoff  Award Winner

Heisman Finalist


"(APEC) is the training facility I call home. In a few short months, they made me stronger, faster, more athletic, more explosive, and more's the best training around."


- Michael Kopech

Chicago White Sox Organization Pitcher

105 mph Fastball


"The basketball program has helped in many aspects of my game. I have seen major results in my quickness and my explosiveness. Along with that, my balance and flexibility has increased too."


- RJ Nembhard

TCU Basketball Committ - 11th Ranked Basketball Recruit


"I Want to be the best, So I train with the best at APEC."


- Nick Rumbelow

New York Yankees Pitcher


"The environment at APEC is incomparable to any other facility I have trained in! The coaches will love you, train you, and work you to your fullest potential and you will see nothing but the greatest within you! It's a life changing experience to have gotten to train here and I encourage anyone and everyone to get that experience."


-  Brittany Matthews

UT Tyler Soccer - Professional Soccer Player (Iceland)

"APEC is the standard." 


- David Stickland

Seattle Seahawks Athletic Trainer

Superbowl Champion

"Every year I get better and every year we take our training further.  Bobby does movements and training that relate directly to my game. His training is effective and I credit a large portion of my success to APEC. Thanks for helping me reach my dream!"


- Josh Tomlin ALCS Champion 2016

Starting MLB Pitcher - Cleveland Indians

MLB Record Holder

"I started out training at a famous facility in Arizona. I was in Tyler by chance one week and tried out APEC. I immediately knew this was the next level. APEC gave me an advantage going into pro day and all the NFL teams took notice. After pro day I prepared for the season at APEC and made the team because of how well I was prepared to play multiple positions."


- Jameill Showers

Dallas Cowboys QB/WR/DB #28

"Don't walk, run to APEC. Coach Stroupe and crew are going to get you right, it's what they do. Nothing but champions come out of this place." 


- Charlie Melton

Baylor Bears Basketball Strength Coach